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 Labour Force Survey

Since 1987, the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) of Curaçao, formerly the CBS of the Netherlands Antilles, has been conducting Labour Force Surveys (LFS, in Dutch: Arbeidskrachtenonderzoek, AKO) bi-annually in Sint Maarten en Bonaire and annually in Curaçao. After the dissolving of the Netherlands Antilles, CBS Curaçao conducted the Labour Force Survey only in Curaçao.

The Labour Force Survey aims to measure the latest developments of the labour market in Curaçao. It mainly concerns the developments in the unemployment rate, the youth unemployment rate , the size of the working population and the size of the unemployed population.

The collection in this repository consists of the Results of the Labour Force Survey through the years till the latest Labour Force that has been conducted.

For up to date information of the labour development of Curaçao you can visit the website of CBS by clicking on this link